Every element of your business needs the right care and attention and at Officextras we aim to provide first class, comprehensive high level support to your business, or to you as an individual.

We can help you streamline your workload, take care of your day to day essentials or work on that all important project, leaving you to concentrate on your core business.

Every business needs professional services intermittently and working with us means having a team of professionals at your disposal exactly when you need them.

We can work with you on variable contract terms, pay-as-you-go and at very competitive rates; and because you only pay for the time actually spent working on a project you’ll never have to pay for downtime; staff meetings, training, breaks and office politics are also on us!

Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or to discuss your needs in more detail and remember, discretion, security and confidentiality are guaranteed at all times.

For people running their own businesses

For many people, the biggest attraction of running a business is the independence provided by being your own boss and the chance to have the lifestyle you want.

Running your own business can offer a career with built-in independence and flexibility; it can also give you the choice of working more convenient hours, and puts you the driving seat, making the decisions that enable you to lead your chosen lifestyle.

If your business takes off, the payoff in financial and lifestyle terms could be significant.

However, there are drawbacks too.

You may find that you have to work longer hours when you’re dealing with bigger projects, trying to win larger contracts or simply satisfying your biggest customers.

You may find it difficult to separate work and home life, especially if you run the business from home, and this could put extra demands on your family.

Officextras can relieve some of the stress associated with mundane, administrative functions and at the same time provide you with highly capable, self-employed professionals just at the time when you need them.

We can offer the right people capable of providing flexible administrative support via the Internet, email, telephone, fax or post with all the skills and abilities of a PA, Office Manager or Secretary as well as other specialist skills such as Project Management, Recruitment, Translation Services and many more.

For established businesses

From time to time, your business may experience a larger volume of work.

Whether it’s a seasonal occurrence or simply project led, let Officextras take the heat and handle your extra work so that your standards continue to be exemplary.

Of course you could use temps (temporary staff), but can you really spare the time to recruit them, train them, house them, pay expensive rates for them only to have to re-do it when occasion calls again?

Officextras has a team of professionals, dedicated to your business, available to you whenever you need them; we will train them so that they know your business inside out, have knowledge of your services and products and are familiar with your clients.

Basically, they are your away team, ensuring you maintain the same consistency and standards of quality you and your clients expect with the added flexibility your business requires.

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