International Services


Are you speaking the same language as your clients?

Translation and Interpreting

Whether you would like to expand your business by selling your products abroad, or whether you need to import products from a non English speaking country, or even if you simply want to communicate effectively with somebody who does not speak English, we can help.
We never compromise on quality, all our translators are native speakers, and when it comes to translating your texts, they are carefully handpicked for their professional and industry knowledge.
All our translators and Interpreters are very sensitive to the intercultural differences involved in translation and whilst focussing on your individual needs, they’ll also pay close attention to these differences during the process.
Oh, and they are also real people!

Bilingual Services

Our Bilingual Professional services are aimed at English speaking people who live abroad, are planning to move abroad or those who are conducting business abroad.

We understand how difficult it is to communicate in foreign countries when you’re not able to speak the language fluently, and some cultures demand that you are able to speak the language if you want to fit in and succeed in business.

All our bilingual professionals are native speakers with different professional backgrounds, and some of them are based in their own countries; should you need somebody locally our arm can extend that far!

Providing you with your own personal bilingual professional we can assist you with any requirements you may have, business or otherwise:

  • Translating business documentation
  • Correspondence – writing and translating letters and mail
  • Making and receiving phone calls to and from foreign countries
  • Arranging or attending appointments for you
  • Finding and negotiating with local tradesman
  • Helping you with your business and personal integration in a foreign country
  • Finding dentists, doctors, schools and more
  • Dealing with utility companies on your behalf

Should you require language lessons we can also provide you with your own personal language coach.
You may use our services as often or as little as you like, your personalised office will always be open to additional request.

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