We take pride in our work, and our clients are proud to recommend us.

Electrical Efficiency Ltd

Getting the work in and making sure it’s been carried out by our electricians to my high standards is my job.

For everything else there’s Officextras.

They take our calls, provide our clients and prospects with the highest customer service, book our jobs in, order our supplies and materials, and issue invoices on completed work.

They are our back bone.

Russell Howland, Director

Gemini Catering

Officextras run my entire office when I have to move to Europe for half of the year.

When I come back all my events have been booked, orders have been taken and supplies have been ordered.

If it wasn’t for them, I would have to close my business down for 6 months at a time.

SH, Owner


Vertebratus Ltd

One thing that most techies don’t do well is deal with people – that’s why we need Officextras.

They look after our clients and our suppliers by being our very own customer service department; they’ve come to know our business so well that they even recognise additional revenue opportunities for us!

They organise our workload very efficiently and our travelling is always sensible; they really do look after us!

Rob, Director



From arranging patients’ appointments to managing health screen projects for very large corporations, Officextras handle a huge amount of work for us.

They manage our diaries and our equipment, they negotiate rates with our labs and our suppliers, they look after our staff’s needs as well as our clients’ and patients’… the ladies at Officextras are the true lifesavers!

Dr G. Wannan, Director


Finishing Aids and Tools Ltd

Officextras manage all our accounts – debtors are issued with monthly statements and are chased when necessary and we get detailed reports.

We can all get on with our jobs knowing that cash flow issues are in very capable hands.

Elizabeth Howcroft, Office Manager


Primo Immobiliare, Cappuccini Office, Italy

Southern Italy, and Puglia in particular, is a very popular tourist destination; our sandy beaches and warm climate attract many northern European tourists who find themselves returning time and time again.

As an established chain of estate agents we have had many dealings with foreign nationals who rent their holiday accommodation through us, but over the last few years we have experienced an increasing amount of requests for properties for sale from British nationals who have fallen in love with the history and sights of Puglia; of course the low cost of properties is also an attractive feature!

Of course most of us did learn English at school, but when it comes to parting with serious amounts of money, we feel that our clients deserve to have the confidence that all their questions are properly understood, answered and dealt with in an appropriate and satisfactory manner.

Officextras have quickly become familiar with all the legalities associated with renting & buying property in Italy because we have been able to talk to them in our own language, and our clients have been confident in dealing with us because they have been able to express any concerns to us in their own language.

We turn to Officextras every time we have a foreign customer; we have more time to concentrate on doing what we do best for our clients, the lead time to completion or exchange of contracts has been cut down tremendously and we are safe in the knowledge our clients will stay loyal to us.

Fabio Dell’Aquila, Owner


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